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Who Is John?


I am Michelle’s oldest son and child. I took my life on Mother’s Day 2014 while in Mexico. Mother’s Day was always the most important day to me but that year I had forgotten it was Mother’s Day when I made that fateful decision. I am very sorry that I did not realize what day it was because the day will always be so painful for my mom. Other mothers are honored on that day and although my brother and stepfather do their est to make the day special for my mom, it is still difficult for her.

My life was very good in the beginning. For the first eight years of my life it was my mom and me against the world. Then my mom met Bryce and fell in love with him. They got married and my mom had two miscarriages within a year and my maternal grandfather also crossed over within that year. This caused my mom’s depression to become very severe and our lives became difficult.

My youngest brother was born in 1998. His early years were very difficult because he was very confused about what was going on with our mom. He had severe behavior problems and our parents were told that he would be in jail by the time he was a teenager. My mom was also told that she would be sick , need to be on medications and in and out of the hospital for the rest of her life. Both my mom and my brother proved the professionals wrong. They are both doing great now. My mom is actually happy and living a productive life and my brother is happy, fun loving and on his way to becoming a carefree Spirit.

As I grew older I began to suffer from depression also. My college debt was so overwhelming that it caused my depression to worsen. The creditors were harassing me and I knew they were harassing my mom too. I felt the only way to stop the harassment was by taking my own life. I could not begin to imagine ever being able to pay that amount of debt off.

After I crossed over I was very shocked to find that when I spoke to my mom she would respond. I never knew she had this ability because she never talked about it. There are many people on my grandfather’s side of the family who have this ability but no one ever spoke about it until recently. It was then that I decided to research the Akashic Records to find out about my mom’s life. I also discovered that we had decided in our pre-lives plan to do Spiritual work together after I crossed over. This blog is part of our Spiritual work.

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