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What This Blog Is About


This blog is about healing through Spiritual practices and connection to Spirit. I will discuss what has worked for me; however, this is my own personal journey and what worked for me may not work for everyone. I speak about what has helped me with healing various traumas through this life and previous lives. I connect with my oldest son, who is in Spirit, so that he can give the viewpoints from the Spirit Realm.

My oldest son, John, will discuss Spiritual practices and what it is like on “the other side of the veil”. We will also have guest bloggers who are in Spirit and in the physical realm. There blogs can be found under the section “Guest Bloggers”. My two middle children, Tina and Ricky who crossed over as babies, have been guest bloggers as well as other family members.

We believe that everyone should be understanding, considerate and open to the opinions and views of others; therefore, feel free to share and discuss but do so with politeness.  We want to share our story, not convince you to accept everything we say. We believe everyone has their own reality because we all have lived different and unique lives with different experiences. No one person is totally correct and no one person is totally incorrect.  We encourage everyone to go out and explore and have their own experiences.